A Walk Down Memory Lane: Delving into Cultural Richness and Identity

At The Key Consulting Firm, our approach is grounded in providing thoughtful, individualized, and culturally-informed services, recognizing that culture is both foundational and embedded in all aspects of development. To better understand the richness of our perspective, allow me to share my personal journey as a first-generation American-born child of African immigrants.

Navigating Cultural Landscapes: Growing Up in Philadelphia

Growing up in Philadelphia, PA, to parents from Togo, I found myself in the unique position of experiencing two distinct worlds – that of my African heritage and American culture. Early on, I became aware of the educational disparities between communities, noticing the stark differences between schools in Haverford, King of Prussia, and in Philly. Understanding the reasons for these disparities came later in life as I straddled the diverse cultural landscapes that shaped my identity.

Mastering the art of code-switching, or the ability to effortlessly apply the rules of a specific culture and glide between differing cultures, became an invaluable skill. This journey was not without its challenges, as I had to navigate and reconcile the differing cultural norms at school and home, learning how to adapt and embrace all of who I am.

Cheyney University: Celebrating the Rich Tapestry of Black Culture

Attending Cheyney University, the oldest Historically Black College or University (HBCU), I discovered the concept of the “Black card”—an affectionate measure of one’s knowledge and connection to Black culture. Cheyney offered a window into the rich tapestry of Black culture and its various subcultures, expanding my understanding of the multifaceted nature of the Black experience in America.

Bowie State University: A Journey of Cultural Discovery

My experience at Bowie State University deepened my appreciation for the impact of culture on education and personal growth, further fueling my passion for understanding the complex interplay between cultural identity and development. Stay tuned for a future blog post that delves deeper into this transformative experience and its lasting influence on my journey.

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