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I’ve been talking to many educators and clinicians dedicated to improving the world for diverse communities and I want to connect us all to one another. This conversation about school discipline and social justice within education is super important. I was trying to think of a beneficial way to have this conversation that was similar to the discussion I have during my course and trainings, but more frequently. What came to my mind was a social justice, education-oriented virtual book club.

Would you be interested in joining?

This year’s book club will be asynchronous, meaning we can go at our pace. We will read Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools by Dr. Howard C. Stevenson in three portions. The asynchronous nature also allows you to host your own meeting with others are your convenience.


Additional information will come in book club emails. Sign up below!

About the book

  • A model that applies culturally relevant behavioral stress management strategies to problem solve racial stress in schools.
  • Examples demonstrating workable solutions relevant within predominantly White schools for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.
  • Measurable outcomes and strategies for developing racial literacy skills that can be integrated into the K-12 curriculum and teacher professional development.
  • Teaching and leadership skills that will create a more tolerant and supportive school environment for all students.

Learn more about Promoting Racial Literacy in Schools here

Transforming the education of Black children.

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