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School Discipline Crash Course


About the Course

A quick lesson on school discipline for clinicians.

The work of behavior analysts and other school-based clinicians is invaluable within our educational system. We create improved learning environments, reduce educator burnout, and reduce dangerous and disruptive behaviors in students.

The racial inequities related to school discipline are negatively impacting Black children and other children of color. – Let’s break down this crisis.  

Interactive Learning

Social Justice Oriented

Approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) as an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider.

What you will learn.

After attending this Crash Course you will have the following skills:

  • What is the racial discipline gap?


  • What are the factors contributing to the discipline gap?


  • An introduction to culture.


About your instructor

Mawule A. Sevon

Mawule has been in the field of education and mental health for over 15 years, working with children across all age groups within varied communities, and in a range of capacities.

She has worked with children in impoverished communities, wealthy suburban neighborhoods, and communities at various socio-economic levels in between. 

The issue that has most captured her attention and catalyzed the focus for her professional practice, is the glaring racial inequity in how disciplinary action is applied across American schools.

Today, Mawule speaks and trains professionals on this topic at local and national conferences, and is becoming a leading voice in the conversation around fundamental fairness in education as it relates to increasing our cultural competence


How to Enroll



 Live Instruction

  March 27, 2020

  12:00 PM EST

  Anywhere you have WiFi



Transforming the education of Black children.

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