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With more than a decade in the field, our passion is in intersecting the fields of behavior analysis and cultural sensitivity, with a primary focus on inequity within disciplinary practices at the preschool and elementary level. Our overarching goal is to reduce conscious and unconscious racial inequalities in the educational system, and to educate parents on how much culture affects academic success.

Working diligently to increase the cultural competencies of parents and educators, we provide talks and presentations at professional conferences and academic events on topics related to culture, race, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We wholeheartedly believe in providing The Keys to make lasting change through increasing 

Approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) as an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider.

Available Trainings 

For Educators

Behavior 101 for Teachers: The basics of analyzing behaviors.


Two-hour training for educators to provide skills to address behavioral concerns. Using the science of behavior analysis, educators will be given practical skills to support students in their classroom.

Keys to a Healthy Classroom: Social-emotional Learning for the young learner

Duration: 2 hours

This is a two-hour training designed for preschool and elementary school educators. The training ensures educators are able to provide social-emotional learning to all students.

I Am More Than My Adversities: Supporting children experiencing adversity in the classroom.

Duration: 2 hours

This training will address the need for culturally responsive disciplinary practices as a method of dismantling inequities in educational settings. Discussions within the field of education have begun to examine the existing “Discipline Gap” and the long term implications for diverse students and communities. One potential solution is the utilization of trauma-informed care within educational settings.  The presenter will introduce attendees to the current state of disciplinary practices within early childhood and explore the utilization of trauma-informed approaches, policies, and procedures in educational settings. Following current research, practical strength-based techniques will be provided employing knowledge of child development, learning theory, and mental health. An analysis of the functions, motivations, and consequences of behavior will be helpful when increasing healthy behaviors and social-emotional skills of young children. This presentation aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of culture, trauma and disciplinary actions for all learners.

For Clinicans

Keys to Culturally Responsive Practices

Two Hour Training designed for clinical practitioners on ensuring their practices are culturally responsive.

BACB TYPE II Continuing Education Units are available for Behavior Analyst.

School-based Consultation Crash Course

Three-hour training designed for clinical practitioners. The training will teach clinicians to provide school-based consultation to help children presenting behavioral concerns.

BACB TYPE II Continuing Education Units are available for Behavior Analyst.

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