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With more than a decade in the field, our passion is in intersecting the fields of behavior analysis and cultural responsibilities, with a primary focus on inequity within disciplinary practices at the preschool and elementary levels.

Our overarching goal is to reduce conscious and unconscious racial inequalities in the educational system and to educate parents on how much culture affects academic success.

Working diligently to increase the cultural responsive practices of parents and educators, we provide talks and presentations at professional conferences and academic events on topics related to culture, race, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We wholeheartedly believe in providing The Keys to make lasting change through increasing awareness.


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The work of behavior analysts and other school-based clinicians is invaluable within our educational system. We create improved learning environments, reduce educator burnout, and reduce dangerous and disruptive behaviors in students.The racial inequities related to school discipline are negatively impacting Black children and other children of color. – Let’s break down this crisis. 

** BACB Continuing Education Units are available for Behavior Analyst.


On-demand (Attend at your convenience)

The Keys to Culturally Responsive Practices workshop will start with the explaining of culture, biases, and understanding diverse communities. As the workshop progresses, attendees will learn to integrate the knowledge of culture into their practices and develop socially just environments for all. This workshop has the goal of creating equity and social justice as the keystone for attendees’ work.

** BACB Continuing Education Units are available for Behavior Analyst.

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Mawule A. Sevon, M.A., NCSP, BCBA

Mawule A. Sevon, M.A., NCSP, BCBA

Executive Director, The Key Consulting Firm

Meet Your Instructor

Mawule has been in the field of education and mental health for over 15 years, working with children across all age groups within varied communities, and in a range of capacities.

The issue that has most captured her attention and catalyzed the focus for her professional practice, is the glaring racial inequity in how disciplinary action is applied across American schools.

Today, Mawule speaks and trains professionals on this topic at local and national conferences, and is becoming a leading voice in the conversation around fundamental fairness in education as it relates to increasing our cultural competence.

What Others Are Saying

Mawule was such a wonderful host for sharing this more sensitive information. It is important to understand each child in their entirety including previous background information that may still be impacting their current behavior. Your kindness towards humanity was much needed for this topic and during these times.

Amy R.

Every school administrator needs to see this presentation! It would be so beneficial to have education on the impact of ACES on the students in our public schools available to every school personnel!

Jennifer V.

I feel like I often get excited for presentations or webinars and they end up being a letdown…this was not the case with Mawule’s presentation! She shared a lot of information in a short period of time and presented it in a way that was easy to understand. I left the presentation with a lot of information to share with my administrators and an even bigger desire to make a change in our practices.

Tiffany R.

Transforming the education of Black children.

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