Behavioral Consultation

The Key works with parents and educators to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, behavior support services, and educational consultation services. ABA involves applying specific learning principles to change undesired behaviors. By providing culturally responsive techniques, strategies, and research-based behavioral treatment, The Key cultivates positive change and improvement in student behavior, ultimately helping students reach their highest potential.

Training sessions utilize the science of behaviorism to teach skills that increase positive behavior. Additionally, The Key’s approach to therapy will leave you with The Keys to maintaining consistent improvement by providing the training, consultation, and programming necessary for increased cultural sensitivity, behavioral intervention, and student achievement.

Professional Development 

With more than a decade in the field, The Key has declared their passion to be that of intersecting the work of behavior analysis and cultural sensitivity, with a primary focus on inequity within disciplinary practices at the preschool and elementary level. Our overarching goal is to reduce conscious and unconscious racial inequalities in the educational system, and to educate parents on how much culture affects academic success.

Working diligently to increase the cultural competencies of parents and educators, we provide talks and presentations at professional conferences and academic events on topics related to culture, race, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We wholeheartedly believes in providing The Keys to make lasting change through increasing awareness. 

Clinical Supervision

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), our founder, Mawule A. Sevon, offers a Help the Helper approach by providing supervision to behavior analysts seeking licensure. Her emphatic style enhances growth in the field and increases skills, all while building a trusting and lasting professional relationship.

The Key’s goal is to provide The Keys to using skills appropriately, handling a patient caseload, improving outcomes, and essentially thriving as an analyst. She created a training curriculum which follows ABA Credentialing Board standards, to ensure that BA’s who hire her as a supervisor are well equipped to enter the field.

Transforming the education of Black children.

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