The Key Goal

The overarching goal of The Key Consulting Firm is to help others understand the impact of culture on the development of children. This understanding will most likely lead to their success in schools and beyond. Since culture is the foundational ideology at The Key Consulting Firm, I think it would be prefect to start with a post on why I believe culture so important – important enough for me to base my entire organization and career around it. It all goes way back, so let’s travel on this journey together to understand why I know culture is important.

What is Culture?

So let’s start with a simple definition of culture. Culture is a shared beliefs and values system that impacts a group of people’s day-to-day life (I just came up with that). When most people think of culture, they think about food, dances, and others aspect that we can taste, see, or hear, yet culture is much deeper than that. I had a professor in graduate school who likened culture to an iceberg. The things we taste, see, and hear like foods, dances, music, language, clothing, and the list can go on, are all the surface of a culture iceberg. When you look at an iceberg the surface is pretty small, but the part underwater is typically much larger than the surface of the iceberg. Comparing culture to an iceberg, deep culture is the area which truly makes an impact. Now discussing deep vs. surface culture could take a few more post, so I’ll just go over why culture, in general, is important.

Deep Culture

The values and beliefs of deep culture shape the world in which the child lives. When a baby enters the world they are completely immersed in an established culture. All domains of their development (i.e., cognition, communication, motor, social-emotional, and adaptive) are molded by the environment in which they live. They continue to learn through their experiences and develop behavior patterns. These experiences influence brain development. These experiences define who they are, and these experiences determine motivation due to the established values. This is why culture is so important, because it impacts everything about who you are.
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